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English Language & Literature Department

Department Philosophy

To prepare our students to thrive in the 21st Century, our teachers use an integrative approach to Media Education, anchored on the school’s Applied Learning Programme in Journalism & Broadcasting. The students are taught and assessed by using a variety of media tools and platforms in the English Language classroom.

Our teachers work in teams to design lessons and assessment tasks for their levels, in close alignment to the national EL Syllabus. The lessons are based on relevant current issues, using the platform of multimodal literacies, which are essential in enhancing their comprehension skills and helping them to achieve a deeper appreciation of the world around them by nurturing in them significant moral values.

At the same time, the department also focusses on building a strong foundation and providing a rich language for all in the following areas of language learning.

Teaching Team

Head Of Department (HOD/EL) Mr Daniel Tan
Teachers Ms Agnes Chin
  Ms Amitra Ilangovan
  Ms Divya Rahman
  Mr Dominic Tan (AED)
  Ms Chew Mui Mui
  Ms Gwendolynn Chrissie Tan
  Ms Laura Lim Joo Kee
  Ms Lim Lay Yong
  Ms Lim Lee Lian
  Ms Lee Wan Jing Melodie
  Ms Lynn Quan
  Ms Perng Jiawei
  Mr Simranpal Singh
  Ms Siti Aisyah
  Mrs Susanne Ng
  Ms Tan Choon Heok
  Ms Vanessa Hew
  Ms Violet Ng I-Ling
  Ms Yvonne Teo
  Mr Jeffrey Chua


Programmes / Projects / Competitions in 2020
  1. EL Festival Week (School level)
  2. EL Reading Programme (School level)
  3. ALP: Journalism & Broadcasting
  4. Sec 1 Theatre Exposure
  5. Orator’s Trophy (National level)
  6. YMCA Plain English Speaking Award (National level)
  7. Public Speaking Competition (National level)
  8. Debates (National level)
  9. National Schools Literature Festival 2020 (National level) 
  10. Literature - Drama Performances for Sec 2,3 & 4 Literature students (School level)
  11. Literature - Sec 1 interdisciplinary Learning Journey
Secondary 3 Literature students performing during our annual English Week concert in 2019

Even the English and Literature department joined in on the fun, dressing up as various literary characters!

There were also exciting quizzes and activities, which students enjoyed taking part in during English Week 2019!
Photos by: Cherlyn Chua (4 Cou), Johnson Chong (3 Lov)