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Physical Education & Holistic Health Department


To nurture students who possess a healthy state of being.


A community fit to play, play to be fit.


Our Physical Education Programme aims to develop in our students by the time they graduate from HIHS to:

  • Have developed a passion for sports and outdoor activities
  • Have participated in a range of sports and/or outdoor activities
  • Have deepened his/her interest and knowledge in sports and/or outdoor activities
  • Possess skills which are transferable to life
  • Build values and 21st century competencies
Programme Tiers Student Segment Key Features
1. Broad Based PE Curriculum and Outdoor Education Programme  All Students

– Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU) Approach- Concept and Skills Based- Across Territorial, Striking/Fielding and Net/Barrier Games- Explicit teaching of school values:Humility, Integrity, Respect and Love- Physical Health and Fitness practical and theory lessons- Outdoor Education for Lower Secondary students

– Participation in Level Games for application of skills and concepts learnt

– Participation in annual Road Run

– Participation in ACES Day Telematch

– Participation in ACES Day

2. Enrichment Programmes S1 - 3 Students – Conducted during Post Exam Period in Semester One
3. Sports Competitions Interested Students – Participation in National School Games for CCA student athletes
4. Leadership Programme PE Representatives – Leadership Development- Involved in the planning and execution of PE Events
5. APPLE Programme Overweight students (Sec. 1 to 3) – A fun programme designed to inculcate in our students the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight and the strategies to achieve them 


Department staff:

Mr Ricky Han Cheng Kwang (HOD PE & CCA)

Mr Tay Boon Chong Jeffery (HOD Discipline)

Ms Valerie Lau (SH PE)

Mrs Ku Tin Tin

Mr Bernard Ram Bagtha

Mr Jarrod Tan

Mr Ong Wei Han

PE Programmes 2018

Term 1 - Road Run

Term 2 - Sports Enrichment Programme, NAPFA Test (S2/4/5)

Term 3 - Active Youth Day, ACES Day Telematch

Term 4 - Level Games

Assessment for Physical Education 

Students will be assessed based on the following domains and components:

Domains Components Description
Cognitive and Physical Game Skills & Concepts

The student is able to demonstrate in a modified game setting:

*understanding of the rules for successful team play

*good positional sense and game awareness

*execute the skills taught by the PE Teacher

*understand and apply the games concept taught by the PE Teacher

Outdoor Education

(Sec 1 and 2)

The student is able to demonstrate appropriate outdoor skills through physical activities while cultivating an attitude of care and appreciation for the environment, and thoughtful consideration of the risks and safety of self and others.


(Sec 2, 4 and 5)

The student is able to perform for the 6 components of the NAPFA Test: Muscular endurance (sit ups), muscular power (Standing Broad Jump), Flexibility (Sit & Reach), Muscular strength/endurance (Inclined pull-ups / Pull-ups), Speed & agility (Shuttle Run) and Cardiovascular endurance (2.4km Run/Walk).
Affective Active Participation The student is able to demonstrate effort, responsibility, pro-activeness and participation.
Sportsmanship The student is able to demonstrate the values of integrity, respect, teamwork that enhance communication, collaboration and relationship with others.
Conduct and Attire The student is able to attend PE lessons in appropriate PE attire, follow instructions from PE Teachers and display a high level of safety awareness.

 PE Highlights

Sports Carnival

Sports Carnival1 Sports Carnival2

Road Run

roadrun1 roadrun2

Sports Elective Programme

elecprg1 elecprg2


aces1 aces2