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Commendable Results for the 2017 GCE N Level Examinations

18 December 2017

HIHS is pleased to announce that our 2017 N Level cohort did the school and themselves proud with their academic performance. 92.6% of our N(A) students are eligible to progress to Sec 5, with over 60 of our students qualifying for the DPP in ITE. All our N(T) students obtained at least 3 passes and are eligible for ITE. 

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Normal (Academic) Performance

8 N(A) subjects had pass rates above their respective national pass rates, with 5 subjects having 100% pass rates. Art, Combined Humanities and Maths have a higher pass rate than the 2016 cohort. 

In terms of quality passes, 3 subjects had distinction rates higher than the national distinction rates. These subjects include Maths, POA and Combined Science. The distinction rate for Combined Science went up to 50%. 

The commendable performance of our 4NA cohort is also seen in the percentage of students eligible to apply for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP).  11 students (or 16.2% of cohort) from the 2017 Sec 4NA cohort are eligible to apply for the PDP.   

Normal (Technical) Performance

Not to be outdone, our N(T) cohort also put in commendable effort for the ‘N’ Level examinations. All 8 N(T) subjects had a higher pass rate than at the national level, while 3 subjects had higher distinction rates than their respective national distinction rates. We are very proud of our N(T) students for producing higher pass rates in several subjects compared to their seniors (English, EBS, Mathematics, CPA and Science). 

We thank God for the good set of performance for the 2017 N Level cohort, teachers for their tireless effort in helping this cohort through the four years, and also to parents for their unwavering support and belief in their children. As the 2017 N Level cohort considers their future, we encourage all of them to remember that they will always be part of the HI community with courage to lead, compassion to serve.