LLP - The Good Samaritan Programme

School-Wide Level Focus

1.jpgSecondary 1: I Love My School  Our school hopes to inspire Secondary One students to develop a stronger sense of identity to the school and hence, through “I Love My School” project, students are given the opportunity to learn more about the school environment as well as investigate existing school needs and issues. The other objectives of the project would be for students to plan and implement activities within the school context that would address the school needs and issues that they are keen to work on.
2.jpgSecondary 2: I Love My Community Our Secondary 2 students show their love for the community by engaging in an annual National Day event within school. For the past years, students set up food, games and merchandise booths in the National Day Fair to raise funds for various beneficiaries (2015 – HIHS Pocket Money Fund, 2014 & 2013 – Lion Befrienders; 2012 – Assisi Hospice; 2011 – St Luke’s Hospital). Since 2014, the school has partnered with Punggol Community Centre Youth Executive Committee in organising the event, which is now known as PAYM Love Red@HIHS.
3.jpgSecondary 3: I Can Make A Difference Our Secondary 3 students engage in Phase 1 of Service With A Purpose (SWAP!) projects in which they identify and address a social cause or community issue that they are concerned about. Students are encouraged to identify a target community group or organisation that they wish to work with and through the SWAP! projects, they can create awareness or improve the lives for the community  group or for the beneficiaries of the organisation.
4.jpgSecondary 4 and 5: I Can Empower Our Secondary 4 & 5 students engage in Phase 2 of Service With A Purpose (SWAP!) projects in which they continue to address the social cause or community issue that they have identified the year before. The aim is to promote sustainability of projects so that students can deepen and widen the positive impact of their actions upon the community. The students also assist in a Flag Day event organised by a welfare organization so that they can learn from the humbling experience of raising funds for the less privileged.
Overseas VIA Trip In the spirit of encouraging our students to share with the less fortunate and to broaden their cross cultural experience, our school organises an annual overseas VIA trip for selected group of students once a year. Students have the opportunity to serve an overseas community, acquire a better understanding of the overseas culture and learn to appreciate what they have back in Singapore. For the past few years, our school has organised trips to Bintan, Batam, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in Cambodia, as well as Chiangmai in Thailand.

Service through Environment Education

Environment education is also an integral part of our school’s GSP and we wish for our students to develop and demonstrate the compassion to serve the environment and the courage to lead their peers in caring for the environment.

This year, our school introduced the L.E.A.D (Love our Environment, Always Do our part) programme to encourage our students to engage in daily cleaning up of their classrooms during the last minutes of curriculum time. Our students should learn to take ownership of the cleanliness of their surrounding environment and to be advocates of a clean Singapore

The appointment of two Environment Ambassadors (EAs) in each class helps to ensure that students are consistently encouraged by their peers to put in effort in cleaning up of their classrooms and to engage in recycling of unwanted paper materials. The EAs are also involved in VIA projects in which they will educate their schoolmates on environmental issues and encourage them to engage in positive actions to care for the environment.


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