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NTerprise Programme

Holy Innocents’ High School NTerprise Programme

The NTerprise Programme is a 4-year programme that aims to instil confidence and the necessary skills for a Normal (Technical) student to do his or her very best in any endeavour that he or she wishes to pursue. The programme is guided by the framework below.


The NTerprise Programme has a theme pegged to each developmental year.

Sec 1 – Understanding Self

Sec 2 – Working Together

Sec 3 – Business and Leadership

Sec 4 – Leading the Juniors

Secondary One

Students will learn about self-development and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Students will go through entrepreneurial training and be guided by a business practitioner to propose a Social Enterprise which can be implemented in school.


Secondary Two

Students will learn about team dynamics and how to work effectively together in a Social Enterprise Project. Students will also undergo training in the Scaffold Programme where trainers will develop students’ creative thinking and guide them in completing a few Self-initiated Entrepreneurial Projects.


Secondary Three

Students will learn more about leadership and understand how to work effectively in a big business ecosystem. Through our partnership with Halogen, students will learn about business leadership under the Network for Training Entrepreneurs (NfTE) Programme. Halogen is carrying out the programme for Sec 3 EBS Students as they provide support and guidance to prepare them for the Business Plan Competition.

Students will also go through certain signature programmes, such as NTerprise Overseas Learning Journeys which enable them to conduct Community Activities and observe business practices of small and large-based entrepreneurial organisations.


Elective Modules are also a key part of students’ development. These modules which will be conducted in the school, ITE or in industrial training centres will enhance their understanding of the various industrial opportunities available in Singapore’s business ecosystem and hence strengthen their career guidance knowledge, and help them find their passion in life.


Secondary Four

Students will be tasked to be mentors to their juniors in the school as they help them prepare for selected events such as Entrepreneurial Competitions, Fashion Events or Charity Drives. This will give them an opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with their juniors what they have learnt in the past years.


A Lifelong Learning Attitude

Although the programme is entrepreneurial in nature, it helps to prepare students for the challenges by equipping them with a lifelong learning attitude; be it in the entrepreneurial field, a future job or pastime that they have a passion in.

Our goal is for all NTerprise students to become contributing members of society, even if they may not set up a business in the future. As long as they have learnt and internalised the attitude, skills and values taught in the NTerprise Programme, we hope they will become successful and valuable contributors to our society.