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Commerce Department (EBS/POA)

To inspire students to appreciate the relevance and importance of commerce in their daily lives and be able to apply their knowledge in the commercial world.
 Creating a passion to learn and drive to succeed.
 Living our Values
 Respect, Creativity and Confidence
 Department Philosophy
The Element of Business syllabus provides students with opportunities to develop generic employability skills, values and attitudes and foundational knowledge for work in the services sector, namely in the travel and tourism, hospitality and retail industries.  The foundation that students acquire through their learning prepares them for further studies at institutes of higher learning.  Students will also become aware of the prospects and challenges of a career in the services sector.  
The Principles of Accounts syllabus provides students with a meaningful basic introduction to financial accounting and to develop an appreciation of the discipline of accounting. It is grounded in preparing, communicating and using financial information, and appreciating the need for ethical conduct. The subject places emphasis on the understanding and application of accounting knowledge to develop lifelong skills and values that will be of value in the increasingly complex world of business.
Teaching Team 
Head Of Department Ms Goh Lay Ching
Teachers Mrs Cindy Ong (EBS)
  Mr Nalpon Walter Edgar (POA)
 Programmes / Projects / Competitions in 2019
  1. MYOB Computerised Accounting Workshop
  2. EBS Work Experience Programme
  3. Field Trips and Learning Journeys