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Craft & Technology and Aesthetics

The Craft & Technology and Aesthetics Department is made up of the following units:

Art Unit, Music Unit, Design and Technology Unit and Nutrition and Food Science Unit.


Department Staff

Head of Department: Mr Gary Tan Joon Meng

Art Unit

Music Unit Design and Technology Unit  Home Economics Unit
Ms Colene Lin Mrs Geraldine Tay Mr Peh Say Koon

Ms Lim Mei Qiao

Ms Jeslyn Lee

Ms Agnes Chin Mrs Ruth Choy Mrs Haymini Segar
Ms Waheedah
  Mr Lau Chee Seng
Ms Bernice Pan


Ms Chen Xin Yi

Ms Ong Wen Hui
      Ms Foo Ai Ning (ML)

      Ms Ernie Abd Rahman

Support Staff


Mr Ng Khoon Huat

Mdm Kang Hiang Lang


Mr Sim Beng Hwa



Art Programme:

 The Art programme aims to stimulate the love and appreciation of art among our pupils. Through positive learning experiences in art, students develop visual literacy and learn to express their ideas and feelings through their artworks. Through the Art making process, pupils develop their critical and creative thinking and achieve a sense of self-confidence and achievement which equips them to better understand and engage with the world they live in.

Lower Secondary Art Programme

  • Drawing
  • Application of Colours
  • Print Making
  • Study of Visual Arts (SOVA)
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Upper Secondary Art Programme

  • Acrylic Painting
  • Pencil / Colour Pencil Sketching
  • Digital Art
  • Ceramics
  • Study of Visual Art (SOVA)
  • Enrichment Workshops
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Music Programme:

The Music Programme aims to develop among our students an awareness of and appreciation for music of various cultures, the role of music in daily living and develop ability for creative expression. Through music making, students develop music appreciation and understanding through direct experiences in listening, creating and performing music.

Lower Secondary Music Programme

  • Music Elements (Melody, Rhythm, Tempo, Structure, Timbre, Texture and Dynamics)
  • Rhythmic Notation
  • Music Concepts
  • Digital Music Production
  • Playing of Percussion Instruments
  • Pop Music Influence: various historical influence, artistes, bands, genre & style
  • Playing of the Guitar



Upper Secondary ‘O’ Level Music Programme

‘O’ Level Music Programme is a 2 year course, starting at Secondary 3 and ending with the ‘O’ Level examinations. Students engage in Music Studies as well as develop skills in Music Performance and Music Writing. The programme gives them opportunities for them to develop and follow their musical inclinations and helps them to understand and appreciate the cultural diversity of music.


Design & Technology Programme:

The Design and Technology programme aims to develop design-thinking among our students and develop an appreciation of design in everyday life as well as uses of technology (Electronics, Mechanisms and Structures) in products. They learn drawing and sketching skills to enable them to communicate their ideas and thoughts about design effectively. Through engaging in the design process, pupils learn to solve authentic problems and develop resilience, confidence and problem-solving skills.

Lower Secondary Design and Technology Programme:

Lower secondary programme focuses on design appreciation. Pupils are introduced to basic design skills as well as uses of technology (Electronics, Mechanisms, and Structures) in products and how they are used to meet our everyday needs. They are also taught basic skills in the handling of tools and simple machinery work with the different resistant materials (woods, metals, plastics) to allow them to realise their product designs.

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Upper Secondary Design and Technology Programme:

Upper secondary programme builds on pupils foundational studies in the lower secondary programme. Pupils are also taught in-depth about the design process (Research, Design opportunities, Ideation, Realisation) and technology (Electronics, Mechanisms, and Structures). Pupils are taught drawing, sketching, and rendering skills to help them express their ideas and thoughts about design. Pupils are also exposed to ICT tools like 3D CAD modelling and Electronic Circuit Simulators.



Nutrition & Food Science Programme:

The Nutrition & Food Science programme aims to develop among our students the relevant life skills to independently navigate the wealth of information available to them to make informed choices for everyday living and develop in them positive attitudes that will empower them to make informed food and consumer choices in their daily life. Our pupils are taught many vital skills which challenge their creativity and given opportunities to make informed choices

Lower Secondary-Food and Consumer Education Programme:

Lower secondary programme focuses on building pupils knowledge of learn basic principles of consumer education to manage resources and understand consumer rights, as well as responsibilities and equip pupils with the knowledge about diet and health, so that they can be more discerning in choosing nutritious food for good health and be informed of the benefits of a balanced meal.

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Upper Secondary Food and Nutrition Programme:

Building on their knowledge from the lower secondary programme, they are also taught in depth on principals of food science, nutritional concepts, diet and health issues as well as how to conduct Food Science Experiments.

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