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Department Philosophy
The study of the 3 disciplines within the Humanities helps each student of Holy Innocents’ High School appreciate how Mankind interacts with his environment and surroundings. It allows each student to understand and appreciate the complexities and realities of the human condition, and how this drives Man’s behaviour, decisions and plans both historically and in the present. Moreover, learning the Humanities at HIHS means to collaborate with fellow students, leveraging the affordances of technology while experiencing authentic learning through investigation during field trips and games. Students learn not only to obtain data and information from various sources but also to analyse, synthesis and discern the reliability of each source – skills that help them come to rational conclusions. At the end of 4-5 years of study in HIHS, every student should graduate with a deeper understanding and respect for humanity in its entire array, armed with the skills of being critical and analytical of what he reads while being able to empathise with different perspectives of issues in the world.


Origin: Greek;  geogaphia –  ge ‘earth’ + -graphia ‘writing’

The study of Geography begins as a compulsory subject at Sec 1. Students learn about the earth and how Mankind understands and lives in his environment. The highlight of learning Geography is the authenticity of learning through Geographical Investigation, which allows students to undergo the inquiry process that Geographers adopt to learn the important concepts and skills in Geography. At Upper Secondary, students are able to offer Elective Geography (as part of the Combined Humanities subject) as well as Core Geography.


“History is a people’s memory, and without a memory, a man is demoted to the lower animals.” – Malcom X

The study of History also begins at Sec 1, where students learn to interrogate sources to reconstruct the Past and to appreciate the different arguments and perspectives that continue to persist about important historical events in the story of Mankind. A key element in the learning of History is through Historical Investigation, where students experience the work of a historian through analysing both primary and secondary sources to reconstruct an understanding of past events. Core History will be offered in 2016 to the Secondary 3 students for the first time so as to cater to the interests of those who desire to deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills in History.

Social Studies 

 Becoming informed, concerned and participative citizens.

Social Studies is studied primarily at Upper Secondary as part of the compulsory Humanities subject, although students in the Normal (Technical) course learn it all throughout their 4 years in HIHS. Students learn about how Singapore society is organised within and how Singapore interacts with the world at large. Leveraging the affordances of technology to enhance the learning experience, students have the opportunity to use different apps to learn both collaboratively as well as individually at their own pace. Although the skill-sets learnt are similar to those learnt in History, Social Studies helps students to be more aware of the current issues both in Singapore and in the world, thereby becoming truly active Singapore citizens in a globalised world. This learning experience has been deepened through the exercise of Issues Investigation which students have embarked upon since 2016.

 Pictorial Representation of Framework 
 Philosophy of Social Studies Curriculum
 Teaching Team
Head Of Department Mr Clement Chua
Subject Head (Geography) Ms Chen Huifeng Adely
Geography Teachers  Mrs Maria Goh
  Mrs Jenny Ang
  Ms Zhang Jiexin
  Ms So Man Yan
  Ms Siti Aisyah
  Mr Lawrence Koh (Year Head, Upper Secondary) 
 Senior Teacher (History) Mr Elamaran Natarajan

 History Teachers

Mr Er Swee Long Gerry

Ms Vanessa Hew
  Lead Teacher (Social Studies) Mrs Renuka Krishnah
 Social Studies Teachers Ms Liang Meiyi
  Ms Perng Jia Wei
  Ms Yvonne Teo

Ms Cherlyn Ng
Programmes / Projects / Competitions in 2019
  1. Geographical Investigation (Lower Secondary)
  2. Geography Fieldwork (Upper Secondary)
  3. NUS Geography Challenge
  4. Historical Investigation (Lower Secondary)
  5. History-Literature Learning Journey
  6. Inter-school War & Diplomacy History Card Challenge
  7. Issues Investigation for Social Studies
  8. River Valley Model United Nations
  9. Visit to NeWater Plant

A) Sec 3 students visiting Parliament House on Seating Day 
B) History Card Challenge

C) Sec 1 History-Literature Trail – Learning Journey to the Singapore River
D) Sec 3 Visit to NeWater Plant
E) Sec 1 Geography Fieldwork
Sec 1 Geo Fieldwork.jpg