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  • To instil the love and curiosity in Mathematics in the heart of every pupil
  • To equip our pupils with the useful mathematical skills which they can confidently apply in daily lives.

Where everyone counts
Living our Values
Respect, Creativity and Confidence
Department Philosophy
The teachers in the Mathematics department work towards helping students achieve a level of mastery of mathematics that will serve them well in their life, and for those who have the interest and ability, to pursue mathematics at the highest possible level.
Beyond the learning of mathematical concepts and skills, the cognitive and metacognitive process skills are equally important.  During the lessons, students should have the opportunities to discuss, articulate and explain ideas to develop reasoning skills.  Through the use of problems in real-world contexts in the classroom discussion, students can strengthen their mathematical process skills.  These include mathematical reasoning and making connections between mathematical ideas, between mathematics and other subjects, and between mathematics and the real world.  Students should also have the opportunity to use feedback from assessment to improve learning.

The department has been planning and designing various programmes to cater to the different learning needs of the students.  As the learning of Mathematics is largely hierarchical in nature, the bridging programme has been carried out to provide early intervention to level up numeracy.  Selected programmes have also been implemented to cater to the needs of students who have strong foundation of numeracy and interest in Mathematics, and would like to pursue further.

Pictorial Representation of Framework (If any)

Mathematics Framework (Singapore)


 Teaching Team
Head Of Department Ms Goh Lay Ching
Subject Head (Mathematics)Mr Brandon Choy Wai Keong 
Senior Teacher Mdm Noor Hayati Ahmad
Senior Teacher Ms Tan Bee Choo
Teachers Mrs Chang Poh Joo (Sec 1 Coordinator)
  Mr Lin Weiding (Sec 2 Coordinator)
  Mrs Lua Bee Hian (Sec 3 Coordinator)
  Ms Rajammal Nathan (Sec 4/5 and Additional Mathematics Coordinator)
  Mrs Jacqueline Nai (Assistant Year Head)
  Mr Ian Sim (Assistant Year Head)
  Mr Muhammad Shahrom Asmani (SH/ Normal Technical)
  Mrs Lo Sock Kui
  Mrs Cindy Ong
  Ms Cheryl Chew
 Mr Zoel Ng Kai Siong
  Mrs Ku Tin Tin
  Ms Nilam Asra
  Ms Jasmine Goh
 Ms Shahidah Rahmat
  Mr Terence Koh 
 Ms Jamie Tay
 Programmes / Projects / Competitions in 2019
  1. Bridging programme for selected Sec 1 students
  2. Enrichment Programme for Lower Secondary students
  3. Integrated Mathematics for Sec 3 Express Mathematics and Additional Mathematics
  4. Math Competition [Eg. Singapore Math Olympiad (SASMO), University New South Wales (UNSW) International Competitions and Assessments for School (ICAS) (Mathematics) Competition]
  5. Secondary 1 Mathematics & Science Trail