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Mother Tongue


To develop students’ interest and love for the Mother Tongue languages and equip them with the language skills and moral values that will benefit them lifelong.

Learn, Love and Live MTL 
Living our Values 
Humility, Integrity, Love and Respect 谦诚和爱 
Department Philosophy 
The Mother Tongue Languages Department recognises the challenges faced by the 21st Century students in the learning of the Mother Tongue Languages and hence aims to develop the students’ interest and love for the Mother Tongue Languages through a repertoire of pedagogical strategies to equip them with the four main types of language skills, which are listening, oral, reading and writing skills. Opportunities to participate in various MTL related competitions are also provided for students to hone their language skills and to increase their level of self-confidence.

The school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) which is the Journalism and Broadcasting Programme, supports and complements the learning of Mother Tongue Languages in Holy Innocents’ High School. With the exposure to journalism and broadcasting topics within the MTL curriculum, students are able to transfer their learning of their language skills into actual application of the skills through journal writing, news reporting, audio and video recordings.
Besides equipping students with the necessary language skills, the Mother Tongue Languages teachers also hope to inculcate positive moral values as well as to impart cultural knowledge to our students so that they have a strong sense of identity towards their own heritage and culture through regular conversation and discussion during lessons as well as the cultural activities to enrich their cultural experiences. 
 Teaching Team
Head Of Department Ms Eileen Chia
Subject Head Mdm Foo Ling Shui
Teachers Ms Liu Nan (Sec. 1 Level Coordinator)
 Ms Tan Miow Qin (Sec. 2 Level Coordinator)
 Mdm Zhu Mei (Sec. 3 Level Coordinator)
  Ms Cheng Guomei (Sec. 4/5 Level Coordinator)
  Ms Siti Salmeah (ML Unit Coordinator)
  Mrs Wong-Lai Chui Dip
 Ms Angela Wong Toon Keen
 Ms Christina Chew Pang Juan
  Mdm Leow Bee Chu
  Mr Ian Tay Yu Xiang
  Ms Song Haiyan
 Ms Noor Ewanny Alwi

Programmes / Projects / Competitions in 2020 (Tentative)

  • Applied Learning Programme-Journalism and Broadcasting (J&B)
  • Lower Secondary J&B Projects-making of introductory video clips and radio drama, comic drawing, news report writing. 
  • CL Reading Programme
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight Cultural Activities
  • Chinese New Year Celebrative Activities
  • Hari Raya Celebrative Activities
  • In-Residence Author Workshop
  • National Xin Lei Writing Competition
  • National Creative Writing Competition
  • National Short film Competition (CL)
  • National Radio Drama Script Writing Workshop and Competition 
  • National Malay Scrabble Competition