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Student Management

Department Staff

The Student Management Committee comprises HOD Student Management, Discipline Teachers and the Form Teachers.

Level discipline heads


Mr Jeffrey Tay

 2ICMiss Siti Aisyah 

Secondary 1 Discipline Teacher

Mr Bernard Ram Bagtha

Secondary 2 Discipline Teacher

Miss Siti Aisyah 

Secondary 3 Discipline Teacher

Mr Peh Say Koon

Ms Soh Sze Chuan Sabrina

Secondary 4 & 5 Discipline Teacher

Mr Ong Wei Han

Mr Nalpon Walter Edgar

The ultimate aim of a school discipline program is to inculcate self-discipline. Our belief is that all HIHS students are capable of maintaining the highest standard of discipline, decorum, punctuality, neatness & responsible behaviour in the classroom, during co-curricular activities of the school and when they are in the public.


At HIHS we believe that respect is the foundation for responsible behaviour. As such, the school cultivates this important value in three domains:

  • Respect for My Self
  • Respect for Others
  • Respect for Environment


The school encourages a whole school approach to discipline where Form and Co-Form teachers with the help of the Class Executive Committee help to maintain class room discipline. When pupils break school rules and are referred to the Student Management Committee, they are counselled and consequences are meted out. The pupils are also asked to reflect on their behaviour and how it has impacted others. This will lead to a more lasting understanding of one’s incorrect actions and help to inculcate greater self-discipline among our young men and ladies.

School Rules

Please refer to Parents and Students: School Rule