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School Song and Creed

The School Song

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An Interpretation

We are proud of Holy Innocents’ High School for her beauty and splendour.  The vast expanse of this school provides an environment conducive for learning.  In our mission to nurture the young generations we have accomplished much.  We develop many talents within our school and the community as we scale greater heights in our quest for knowledge.

Of utmost importance is our spiritual growth.  Therefore we share the Gospel so that many will find salvation through the grace of God.  We also emphasise moral development and character building in our curriculum and strive to cultivate the moral goodness in every child entrusted to us.  We instil in our pupils humility, integrity, respect for self, others and environment and love.  We hope that these virtues will be extended to all mankind (the community at large).  To acquire excellent knowledge we learn from both the East and the West.  Through an all-rounded (holistic) education, our pupils will grow up to become individuals who are both refined in behaviour as well as character.

The teachers at HIHS devote themselves to their calling.  They desire to groom our pupils into compassionate and morally upright citizens committed to serving God and society, so that Singapore will become a nation of distinction and prosperity.

Listen to our school song.

School Creed

I am special because God created me
And He has blessed me with unique talents
I’ll be responsible and strive for excellence
So that I can contribute most meaningfully
To my school and society

I will uphold integrity and be sincere and charitable
in what I do, I will not hurt others and myself *
So as to create a more loving and peaceful community for all
I am special because God created me
And He has blessed me with great potential
I’ll strive to be an independent lifelong learner
Humble in spirit to accept new challenges
*Standing with all, in the HIHS family
We will be one where the love of God reigns

Listen to our school creed.


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The story behind the refreshed version of the school creed (2015)

The school creed is a very meaningful and important part of our school culture. It serves to remind us what every HI student should be – to live up to our school’s values of Humility, Integrity, Respect and Love.

Do you know that it was written and composed by a group of our very own HIHS Teachers more than 15 years ago? In 2014, we decided to refresh our school creed. A group of teachers and students worked with a music company to see how it can be improved.

The lyrics remain unchanged, but the music arrangement has been enhanced. We adjusted the pitch and tempo to make the creed livelier.

The new arrangement was sung and recorded by the following HI Chorale students from 4 Sincerity (2015):

Isabelle Cheo Wen Ting

Ng Pei Hua

San Juan Maria Ysabeau Talines

Kenneth Ryan Wan Cheng Kai

Kenta Philip Endo