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The HIHS Heartbeat

Our Mission

To nurture students to be compassionate and morally upright citizens, committed to serving God and society.

Our Vision

A Christ-centred community with Courage to Lead, Compassion to Serve

Our Values


We recognise the need to learn and grow continuously

We persevere in our pursuit of excellence


We strive to be morally upright in our thoughts and deeds

We embrace honesty and simplicity


We respect self, others and the environment

We extend graciousness towards our community


We commit to serving God and society

We show love and care to all around us


Our Motto

Sincerity & Charity

School Core Values


谦:谦虚受教,努力求知 — 智育

诚:诚实朴素,奋勉修德 — 德育

和:和气待人,正心修身 — 体育

爱:爱护群众,热心服务 — 群育