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Group Personal Accident Insurance for Students

The Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance covers death, permanent and total/partial disability and medical expenses due to an accident. The proximate or triggering causes of injuries must be reasonably attributed to an accident.

The GPA Insurance covers each Student when that student is:
(a) In school;
(b) Participating in the school’s activities, or any activity related to the school, including Co-Curricular Activities (“CCAs”) and sports;
(c) Commuting from (or to) his or her place of residence, including a hostel, to (or from) either the school’s premises or the place where an activity covered by the GPA Insurance will be conducted;

GPA Website
You may visit the GPA website for claims, FAQs and other details at

Claims Procedures
All claims should be submitted within 365 days from the date of accident.
1. Go to Income’s GPA portal at
2. Complete online claim form.
3. Upload tax invoice(s), receipts (outpatient/inpatient claims) and required documents.
4. Confirmation email will be sent to parents or students, and school administrator.