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Parent Support Group

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Scheduled Parenting Talks

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HIHS PSG works closely with the school and provides support to existing school programmes. PSG organises a variety of events in collaboration with the school to benefit the development of HIHS students and to provide opportunities for all HIHS parents and students to build even stronger family ties.

PSG’s Mission:

To engage parents in partnership with HIHS to nurture students holistically.

Some activities organised by PSG:

  • Movie Night - fund raising event as well as to promote family bonding
  • Sandcastle building - to promote family bonding
  • Mother's Day & Father's Day flower sale - for students to show love & appreciation to their parents
  • Bowling Competition - to promote family bonding
  • National Day celebration - fund raising for HIHS School Pocket Money Fund
  • Breakfast for Teachers - to recognise the effort of our teachers on Teacher's Day
  • Learning Journey Chaperons - to build bonds with students and know more of the various higher institutions

Organizational Structure

Chairperson: Ms Annie Goh

Vice Chairperson: Mr Alex Chern

Secretary: Ms Gracia Tong

Treasurer: Ms Bridget Teng

Assistant Treasurer: Ms Jess Soh

Events Members : Katherine Goh, Jason Tan, Linda Ho, Yvonne Oh, Winston Lim, Sirisha Bandlamadhi          

IT/ Publicity: Agnes Chua

Assistant IT/ Publicity: Karen Tey

Photographer: Sherri Cheng

PSG’s Facebook page: