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Honours Scroll (Character & Citizenship)

  1. Student of the Year
  •  Awarded to a graduating student who has displayed all-rounded ability and committed service to the school
  • Provided outstanding leadership in his / her career in the school
  • Both the staff and student body participate in a voting process
  • Final decision is endorsed by Student Welfare & Development Committee
  • Presented to awardee at Graduation Ceremony


  • Awardee must have demonstrated strong leadership qualities
  • Awardee must excel in his / her studies
  • Awardee should have a Conduct Grade of at least Very Good
  • Awardee should have attained at least an A2 in his / her CCA
  1. Student of the Month
  •  This award is presented on a monthly basis to students who have demonstrated by example the core values of the school – Humility, Integrity, Respect, Love
  • Level Award – Awarded to 1 student per level
  • Class Award – 1 to 2 students per class
  1. Gabriel’s Gold Scout Award
  • Awarded on a yearly basis (from 2007 to 2016) to one deserving Sec 1 student who is an active scout
  • Presented to awardee at Awards Presentation Ceremony of the following year
  1. VIA Award
  • Gold Award – Students who attain more than 100 hours of VIA
  • Silver Award – Students who attain more than 60 hours of VIA
  • Bronze Award – Students who attain more than 40 hours of VIA
  1. HIECA Award
  • Class point system
  • Tally class point in 4 key domains: Academic, Socio-Moral, Physical and Aesthetics
  • Encourage all-round excellence in terms of academic, social-moral, physical and aesthetic areas
  • Promote class spirit by building peer relationship and enhancing teacher-student rapport