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Academic Support Programmes

(A) Structured Self-Study Programme (SSSP)

The SSSP is an academic support programme that is designed to provide time and space for under-performing Sec 2 and 3 Express students to work on their school work on a weekly basis after school during term time, under the supervision of teacher mentors. Students are also given access to web-based learning resources as additional self-study resources.

To support these students to become better self-directed learners, workshop modules are also conducted on certain weeks for these students to learn useful skills in target-setting, time management, group study techniques in order to help them manage their individual and group study more effectively.

To imbue a strong purpose for students on the programme to want to excel in their academic studies, they are also given education & career guidance advice on possible post-secondary educational pathways that they could embark on. Whenever appropriate, learning journeys are also organised to expose these students to the world of work, such as the World Skills Singapore 2016.

Learning Journey to World Skills Singapore 2016

(B) Nurture-A-student Programme (NASP)

naspThe NASP is an academic support programme that moves beyond norms of providing remedial lessons to help under-performing Upper Secondary Normal Academic students who generally lack self-management skills in school. We aim to develop good studying habits through close mentoring by teacher-mentors and reflection journals to build students’ academic organisational ability (e.g. time management, study habits).

Since its implementation in 2014, with the close supervision and support of the teacher-mentors, NASP has helped many Upper Secondary Normal Academic students develop good study habits. Students who benefitted from the programme have improved in their academic performance and have progressed to their next level of study.



For Sec 3NA students under the NASP, the school works with volunteers from the Calvary Community Care (C3) Services to provide activity-based modules to impart skills in Goal Setting, Time & Resource Management and Relationship Management. Students also receive peer tutoring from volunteers in selected subjects.

Activity-based Modules under Aspiration, Confidence and Excellence (ACE) Programme by C3 Services
 nasp1  nasp2
nasp3 nasp4Peer tutoring by C3 volunteers


Sec 4NA students under the NASP meet up with their teacher-mentors on a weekly basis to discuss about the progress of their school work and do planning for their revision. Selected 5NA students also conduct separate peer tutoring sessions to help the NASP students with their school work in selected subjects.



(C) HI Starfish Programme (HISP)

The HI-Starfish Programme (HISP) is a 2-week academic bridging programme designed for students of Lower Secondary Express stream, who have not performed well in their academic studies. This programme is carried out during the early weeks of the year-end school holidays.

Modelled after the  spirit of the “Starfish Story”, the programme arose because of the school’s belief in helping every student, regardless of where they are, to eventually succeed to their potential, similar to how starfishes are known for their resilience to be able to re-grow their lost arms. HISP is designed to nurture a positive learning attitude, develop core self-directed learning skills through close teacher mentoring and bridge essential subject-based knowledge via bite-sized sessions that are necessary for these students to cope with their next level of study.

HISP students come under the close mentorship of teacher mentors, who monitor the progress of these students in their subject bridging lessons and facilitate their daily reflections.  Student reflection is an integral part of the programme because it allows students to take stock and internalise their learning for each day as well as over the entire programme duration. Useful habits of self-regulation are also moulded in the reflection process as well.

The first batch of “HI-Star Fishes” in 2015 graduated from the 2-week HISP, with positive feedback on their improvement in their attitudes towards their studies.


Our 2015 “HI Star-Fishes” with our School Principal, Mr Yap and their teacher mentors during their graduation session