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ALP - Journalism & Broadcasting

Applied Learning Programme

Journalism & Broadcasting Programme

Journalism and Broadcasting (J&B) at Holy Innocents’ High School (HIHS) has been awarded the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) status in January 2015. The school’s mission and vision articulate our aspirations to nurture students who will lead with courage and serve with compassion, guided by our core values of humility, integrity, respect and love. Our ALP in Journalism & Broadcast would grow a generation of students who are critical thinkers who exude confidence and can communicate well.  image003

Through their voices, whether in written or aural form, our students can influence society and contribute towards the building of a nation that is compassionate, caring and forward-looking. In the J&B Programme, pupils learn information gathering, interview and reporting skills, journalistic writing, oralcy skills, etc. These will help them build their portfolio in J&B and put them in good stead to develop a career in media and communications.

Curriculum and Programmes

Leveraging on the school’s strengths and partnerships, our Journalism & Broadcast is anchored in the Chinese Language (CL). Broad-based opportunities for Sec 1 and 2 students are provided through the offering of Basic Journalism and Broadcasting Curriculum through weekly enrichment (in Chinese Language) and modular approach (in English Language). Each year, core skills and concepts will be taught through the main curriculum conducted in Chinese while a five-week introductory module will be taught in English to introduce/revise the other aspects of Journalism and Broadcasting.


Lesson packages are designed and conducted by each department’s teachers. Opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills learnt will be provided at different platforms in both languages, as well as other subject disciplines. These include weekly DJ broadcasts and class broadcasts, class newsletter, publications in Lianhe Zaobao, national competitions, etc.  A1


 A1_1 ‘HIHS On Air’ 圣婴之声is an in-house broadcast station from which the pupil DJ teams make weekly broadcasts. Set up in the school canteen in July 2012, The Chinese Language Unit broadcasts twice a week to the whole school, in both English and Chinese Language.

It has reached out to the pupil population at large, with broadcasts on news, fashion, song dedications, interviews, story-telling, etc. Malay Language unit and other departments have also conducted pupil broadcasts in the disciplines of Science and History to raise pupil interest in these subjects.

Journalism and Broadcasting Society (CCA)

Students are also identified as talents for further development in the Journalism and Broadcasting Society (CCA). Talented and interested students can take part in the CCA in Secondary One or can be recruited into the school and CCA through the Direct School Admission (DSA) Programme.  A3

Advanced level programmes in journalism and broadcasting are also offered to CCA students in both English and Chinese Language. Many internal and external platforms are tapped on to give pupils opportunities to put into practice what they have learnt. Students from the CCA take on emcee roles in major school events such as Chinese New Year Celebrations, Prize-giving Ceremony and National Day Celebrations etc.

CCA students have numerous platforms to apply their learning such as zbComma where students submit and publish their written newspaper articles on a regular basis. CCA students also have the opportunity to mentor and facilitate primary school students from Rosyth School, Holy Innocents’ Primary School and Poi Ching Primary School to share and apply what they have learnt from Journalism and Broadcasting. Students from Journalism and Broadcasting Society also contributes to the community through the monthly Story-Telling sessions held in Cheng San Library.


We are also exploring opportunities for pupils to become student journalists and broadcasters with a public newspaper and a radio station. In 2015, we have two students from the CCA who have been selected to become student journalists with Lianhe Zaobao.





They also take part in Journalism and Broadcasting related competitions throughout the year to stretch their potential and apply their learning. In November 2012 and 2013, our students took part in the VOX Media Camp and Competition organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Singapore Press Holdings. Our team won the Top Prize in the Editing Category for two consecutive years. In November 2014, one of our teams emerged as the Overall Winner in News Editing.  dsa3


 A9 Two teams of students took part in the annual Radio Drama Script Writing Competition this year. Out of the five winning entries, these two teams clinched the Third Prize and the Consolation Prize for the competition. They were also given the opportunity to meet experienced DJs and were mentored by these DJs during the radio drama recording.