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Direct School Admission 2019

Holy Innocents’ High School

Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec) 2019

The Direct School Admission - Secondary (DSA-Sec) Exercise was introduced by the Ministry Of Education (MOE) to promote holistic education and provide students an opportunity

to demonstrate a more diverse range of achievements and talents in seeking admission to a secondary school.

In DSA-Sec Exercise 2019, Holy Innocents’ High School is offering DSA in the following areas:

  1. Journalism & Broadcasting

  2. Student Leadership

  3. Basketball

  4. Modern Dance

  5. Weiqi

We would like to invite talented Primary Six students who demonstrate passion in these areas to apply for admission. (Note: Students from Holy Innocents’ Primary School need not

apply for admission through the DSA exercise as they can be admitted through affiliation with our school if they select Holy Innocents’ High School as their first choice.)

Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic

requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

The application exercise is opened from 8 May to 4 June 2019. From 2019, application for DSA-Sec can be submitted through the online DSA-Sec Portal.


For a list of FAQs, please click here.

For any enquiries, please direct your email to or call 6283 3381.

Journalism & Broadcasting


The HIHS Journalism & Broadcasting Programme is an established and recognised Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Singapore. The programme aims to develop critical thinkers and confident communicators through a broad-based school wide curriculum and a rigorous and rewarding CCA for selected students

With the programme fully integrated with our languages curriculums, all lower secondary students undergo media training (with focus in Journalism and Broadcasting) in their English and Mother Tongue Languages lessons.

Students who demonstrate aptitude and strong interest in writing and public speaking can join the CCA - Journalism & Broadcasting Society (JBS) and be given specialised training and opportunities to take represent the school in various national competitions.

The school has two broadcasting rooms to facilitate the media training of our students. Students also go on learning journeys at media organisations such as Mediacorp. The school also partners Mediacorp, Singapore Press Holdings, Ministry of Education Curriculum Planning and Development Division, English Language & Literature Branch and various primary schools to provide a holistic range of experience and opportunities for the students.

Latest Achievement:

  • National Secondary School and Junior College Chinese Language Short Film Competition 2018 - Overall Winner (including Best Director Award and Best Script Award)

  • YMCA Public Speaking Competition 2018 - National Top 10

  • Merit Award in National Editorial Competition 2018

  • Two Student Journalists selected by Lianhe Zaobao in 2019

Read press coverage of the HIHS Journalism & Broadcasting Programme:

Schoolbag: Nurturing Confident Communicators

TODAY: School niche programmes help students hone creativity

Catholic News: Holy Innocents’ pupils put broadcast skills in practice

Applicants must satisfy the following criteria to be shortlisted:

  • Chinese Language: A/A*; OR

  • English Language: A/A*

Selection criteria:

  • Performance at Audition / Try-out

  • Performance at Interview

  • Achievement

Students who are successful in their DSA-Sec application and are admitted to HIHS in 2020 will  join JBS as their CCA for 4 or 5 years.

J&B 3.jpg


Student Leadership

 student leadership 3.jpg

HIHS has a long history of programmes catered to the leadership and service development of students. Titled, the Good Samaritan Programme (GSP), the school’s Learning for

Life (LLP) programme is centred on the parable of the Good Samaritan which focuses on nurturing servant leaders who lead through service. In line with our school mission to nurture in students courage to lead and compassion to serve, we recognise the need to nurture and develop students with talent in leadership to help them realise their fullest potential.

Students will be provided with opportunities to learn and apply relevant knowledge, skills and values that will enable them to contribute meaningfully to the school and community. More importantly, the student leadership talent development programme aims to develop student leaders to become good role models for other students to emulate. With the use of the Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI) as well as the school-based socio-emotional profiling tool, students explore and understand their own interests, strengths, and potential.

The school provides leadership training in both hard skills (e.g. situational leadership, crisis management, project management) and soft skills (socio-emotional competencies, and skills reflected in the Leadership Challenge Model (LCM)).

Upon successful entry into the school through DSA-Sec, prospective student leaders will undergo a mentorship programme where they will be attached to seniors to deepen their understanding of the student leadership culture in the school, as well as to learn and apply leadership skills through observing and contributing to the school community. Student leaders will be encouraged to build an individualised Leadership Talent Development Portfolio under the guidance of teachers.

Read more about our Good Samaritan Programme here.

Applicants must satisfy the following criteria to be shortlisted:

  • Applicant must demonstrate good character with a conduct grade of “very good” or better at Primary 4 (overall), Primary 5 (overall) and Primary 6 (mid-year).


Selection criteria:

  • Performance at Situational Assessment

  • Performance at Interview

  • Achievement

Students who are successful in their DSA-Sec application and are admitted to HIHS in 2020 are required to join the Student Leadership Board (SLB) in 2019, and be committed to the programme for 4 or 5 years.

student leadership 2.jpg


Basketball 1.jpg The HIHS Basketball is a force to be reckoned with in the South Zone.  Both the B’ Division and C’ Division teams undergo rigorous training and they have been emerging in zonal top positions in recent years. At the heart of the Basketball programme is Character Development. Through the training, debrief sessions, the basketball players learn about the importance of tenacity and sportsmanship. The strong relationship between the students, coaches and teachers have spurred these young gentleman to apply their learning in other aspects of their lives (e.g. academic). The Indoor Sports Hall has recently been completed and this will facilitate better training for our boys

Latest Achievements:


B Division - Zonal (Second Round)

Read press coverage of the HIHS Basketball Team:

Holy Innocents’ roll over Raffles to set up showdown with Guangyang for semis berth

Holy Innocents’ take out Henderson 48-23

Holy Innocents’ edge out Kuo Chuan by 1 point

Selection criteria:

  • Performance at Audition / Try-out

  • Performance at Interview

  • Achievement

Students who are successful in their DSA-Sec application (Basketball) and are admitted to HIHS in 2020 are required to join H.I. Basketball as their CCA for 4 or 5 years.


Modern Dance

Dance 2.jpg

The HIHS Modern Dance family is in a class of its own. The versatile girls and boys receive training in various genres of dance, such as contemporary, hip-hop and street dance. The success of the CCA lies not only in the excellent results it produces at competitions. Many of the students who have discovered their passion in dance at the CCA continue to pursue dancing after they graduate.

With the strong partnership between the school and coaches, the students develop not only in dance techniques, but also in their character as well. Students learn to lead, to care and to empathise as they train and plan for events such as concerts. For two years, the Modern Dance group performed to a full-house hall in their concert series, Within Us.

Latest Achievements:


  • SYF Arts Presentation: Certificate of Distinction


  • Super 24 2018 (Secondary School Category) - Finalists


  • SYF Arts Presentation: Certificate of Accomplishment

  • Origins: BBoy Interschool 3v3 2017 - Top 16

  • Super 24 2017 (Secondary School Category) - Finalists

  • Central Berzerk Vol 2. 1v1 - Top16

Watch video clips of HIHS Modern Dance:

Concert: Within Us trailer

Super 24 Dance Competition

Teachers’ Day Celebration


Selection criteria:

  • Performance at Audition / Try-out

  • Performance at Interview

  • Achievement

Students who are successful in their DSA-Sec application (Modern Dance) and are admitted to HIHS in 2020 are required to join H.I. Modern Dance as their CCA for 4 or 5 years.

Dance 1.jpg Top


Weiqi 4.jpg

Through competition exposure, society engagement and international exchange, the Weiqi club nurtures the holistic development of its members.

Founded in 2015, the Weiqi club has been active in the Singapore Weiqi scene. All members in the club are exposed to a number of Weiqi competitions each year. While the club has earned accolades at the various competitions, the club’s larger objectives is to cultivate humility and patience, and to promote concentration, logical and systematic thinking skills. The club is also part of the G.I.V.E programme organised by Ministry of Education and has hosted two batches of students from China where members had the opportunity to interact and learn from each other. The Weiqi club also organises Value In Action Programme for members to provide opportunities to engage in educational community service.

Latest Achievements:


  • Fourth Prize in Lower Sec (Team) and Upp Sec (Team) Categories  National Youth Weiqi Championship

  • First Prize in Team Award  Category A Secondary Open in 2nd KDF Charity Weiqi Competition

  • Third Prize in Lower Sec (Team) and Upp Sec (Team) The 27th Qiuping Cup National Weiqi Tournament

Selection criteria:

  • Performance at Try-out

  • Performance at Interview

  • Achievement


Students who are successful in their DSA-Sec application (Weiqi) and are admitted to HIHS in 2020 are required to join the Weiqi club as their CCA for 4 or 5 years.

Weiqi 1.jpg