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Elective Modules

What are Elective Modules ?

EMs have been introduced into the Normal Course to broaden the learning experiences of N(A) and N(T) students and to provide for their varied learning needs and styles. EMs could cover a range of industry niches, opening up possibilities that extend beyond secondary school education.

What are the objectives of EMs?

The design of an EM should meet one or more of the following objectives :

1)         To extend and build on the learning objectives of existing N(A) / N(T) subjects.

2)         To introduce to a course of study in post-secondary education

3)         To expose students to possible career paths.

How do EMs benefit our students?

They enable students to make informed choices when pursuing further studies or deciding on a career path. It also allows them to pursue areas of interest that take them beyond the curriculum.

Category A Elective Modules :

These are modules offered by ITE. HIHS will tie up with ITE when the students are in Secondary Four so as to enable them to make an informed choice when choosing their course of study after the completion of their ‘N’ Level Examinations.

Studying for a short period of time at ITE will also expose the students to the rigors of post-Secondary education.

Some examples of Elective Modules offered by ITE

  • Laser Show
  • Social Media Content Development
  • Personal Finance
3-Dimensional Printing and Design Module at ITE Central


Fun with Electronics at ITE Central

Category B Elective Modules

These are modules which can link up with the industrial experts so as to enrich the students’ experience in their respective fields of interests.

The modules offered are a good mix of Science, Technology and Hospitality types of courses which cater to the diverse interests of students in terms of career opportunities.

Some examples of Category B Elective Modules

  • Sports and Wellness
  • Toy Artiste
  • Videography
  • Culinary Artiste
  • Building Models with 3-d Printer


Cabin Crew and Hospitality Module

em 2019.jpg

Learning Journey to Motor Vehicle Workshop for Motor Design Module


Briefing for airline simulator for the Aeronautical Engineering Module


Showcase Day Part 1


Showcase Day Part 2


Showcase Day Part 3


For Normal (Technical) students, they can follow up whatever they have learnt in their Elective Modules or through everyday subjects by executing special projects or going through enriching learning journeys.

Some examples of programs or activities conducted under the NTerprise program.

  • Overseas Learning Journeys
  • Social Enterprise Project Collaborations
  • Entrepreneurial Competitions
  • Youth-initiated Projects
  • Entrepreneurial Training and Development


Collaboration with Student Care Services


Culinary Experience Interview with Gordon Ramsay


Youth-Initiated Project Collaboration with Singapore National Co-Op Federation


NTerprise and Cultural Immersion Trip to Sarawak


NTerprise and Cultural Immersion Trip to Yogyakarta


Business Pitch Presentation to the Business Community through Network for Training Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurial Competitions