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Learning Support Programme

Learning Support Programme (LSP)

Learning Support Programme (LSP) at Holy Innocents’ High School has been designed to help academically at-risk students nurture a positive learning attitude and develop core self-directed learning skills through coaching and guidance by teachers and peer-tutors. 

Sec 1 to 3 Express and Normal (Academic)

Identified Sec 1 to 3 Express and Normal (Academic) )students are given additional support for core subjects (EL, Math and Science) via bite-sized sessions to help these students to cope with their academic learning.  Students in LSP work closely with teacher coaches, who monitor the progress of their academic subjects and facilitate their weekly reflections.  Student reflection is an integral part of the programme because it allows students to take stock and internalise their learning for each week as well as over the entire programme duration. Useful habits of self-regulation are also part of the reflection process.


Sec 4 Normal (Academic)

LSP sessions for identified Sec 4 Normal (Academic) students aim to help them develop good studying habits through close mentoring by teacher-coaches and keeping reflection journals to build their academic organisational ability (e.g. time management, study habits).  Selected 5NA students also conduct separate peer tutoring sessions to help the Sec 4 students with their school work in selected subjects (Math and Science).

Normal (Technical)

Identified Normal (Technical) students are also supported through weekly intervention sessions by teacher coaches.  These sessions focus on helping the identified students develop study and organizational skills.  The teacher coaches also help these students with their core academic subjects (English and Math). 

Mid-Year and End-of-Year Support Sessions

There will be sessions to support identified Sec 1 to 3 academically at-risk students who require further support from the teacher coaches.  These sessions aim to help students bridge the learning gaps that they have accumulated over time and to help them progress to the next level of study.